Working together for greater results.

I’m a partner at Opulentia Capital.

Opulentia are a leading investment firm specialising in acquiring and investing in entrepreneurial businesses to help them grow, access capital, and realise their potential.

The firm has an impressive track record, having concluded over 60 transactions in 23 industries across 9 countries, representing well over $250m worth of deals.

At their heart, Opulentia is a family investment firm composed of a very experienced senior management team. Having started their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, they have faced the struggles that most SMEs come up against when trying to grow their businesses. It was this spark that led to them creating Opulentia as a way for SMEs to access capital, scale, and exit.

Together, we are looking to work with profitable, well-run businesses with £1m-£100m in annual revenue.


Successfully exiting from your business isn’t going to happen overnight. But I’m ready to get started whenever you are.

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