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Passionate about investing in entrepreneurial, ambitious businesses.

My past, your future.

I cut my teeth in the fast-paced, corporate world. But life has a way of bringing you back down to Earth and reminding you of what really matters.

That’s what happened to me when my grandma was diagnosed with dementia. Trying to find the right care for her wasn’t a pleasant process. I saw first-hand what many families have to go through when putting their loved ones into care. So I put a small team together, raised a multi-million private equity investment, and went and built a care home group that could deliver outstanding support to those who need it.

I grew that care home group through a series of off-market acquisitions, leveraging this tool to fuel rapid growth. It was hugely rewarding and enjoyable and made me proud to create something of value for others.

From that point on, I knew I wanted to help businesses access the tools they need to grow.

So that’s what I do now. I acquire and invest in businesses and work with them to achieve their potential, whatever that may be. I also work with a small number of business owners who want to grow through acquisition and would benefit from an experienced partner by their side every step of the way. I’ve been involved in over 20 deals with a transaction value in excess of £50m and have big ambitions for the future.

Why work with me?

Regardless of whether you want to grow your business or have one eye on an exit, the journey isn’t always smooth sailing. I know because I’ve been through it. I’ve built something from nothing, done the acquisitions, and delivered the exit. It’s not easy.

You may find that investors don’t have the personal experience operating a business and simply make decisions based on a spreadsheet. Myself and those I work with have all experienced the challenges of running a business, which helps shape our approach.

When looking at investment opportunities, I focus on the people first. All great companies are built by great teams, and it’s the people that I ultimately invest in.

I truly believe that a ‘people first’ approach – empowering management teams with the resource, capital, and support they need – can make all the difference.


Successfully exiting from your business isn’t going to happen overnight. But I’m ready to get started whenever you are.

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