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Investing in ambitious businesses to help them grow, access capital and realise their potential.

So you want to sell your business. But a lack of time, experience or resource keeps holding you back.

You know where you want to go, but are struggling to put the necessary steps in place to actually get there.

As a potential buyer of your business, my goal is to give you peace of mind that your business is in good hands. I take care of the monetary aspects of the deal, protect your legacy and look at growth opportunities for the future.

If you’re not ready to sell but instead want to super-charge growth, then we can plan, fund, and execute an acquisition-led growth strategy.

About Adam.

Having come from the corporate world, one life-changing moment made me realise that what I really enjoy doing is helping build and grow businesses and creating transformational exits for hard-working people. Life’s too short, so if you’re starting to think about the future, I may be able to help.

Running a business isn’t easy, and every day brings new challenges. I know because I’ve been there myself. I’ve set up businesses, raised money, grown through acquisition and exited – there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Making your future a reality.

Whether it’s acquiring businesses myself or delivering acquisitions in partnership with business owners, my job is to provide the tools, expertise, and – most importantly – access to capital to enable a business to grow.

Sell your business

Have you taken your business as far as you can? Is recruiting new staff a constant headache? Do you want to retire or just do something different?

If you’re starting to think about the future and potentially selling your business, I’m interested in speaking with you.

I invest in established, profitable businesses in the UK, working with a small team of highly successful entrepreneurs. If you have £1m-£50m in annual revenue, have operated for 5+ years, and are considering a sale, please get in touch.


Frustrated that growth has slowed and you’re fighting just to maintain existing revenue? Do you have big ambitions for the future but not sure of the way forward?

Acquisitions are the best way to dramatically increase shareholder value and expand into new niches. But it can be a road filled with challenges where plenty can go wrong.

Through years of working on similar sales, I’ve developed a tried-and-tested process for delivering off-market acquisitons. It’s not easy, but it can deliver incredible results.

What others have to say

“Adam always delivers. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and has saved the day on more than one occasion.”

Aiden Parsons – Head of Legal, Bonnington Plastics

“Adam is able to come up with an idea, build a plan, and execute it. We’ve raised money and done multiple deals together, and I’ve always enjoyed working with him. He will be a hugely valuable asset to whoever he works with.”

Anthony Aston – investor and entrepreneur

“Adam knows what he’s doing and can be trusted to get on with the job and deliver to a high standard. We’ve done a deal together, and are actively looking at other opportunities across multiple sectors.”

Richard Pennack – investor and entrepreneur


Successfully exiting from your business isn’t going to happen overnight. But I’m ready to get started whenever you are.

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